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Cristal Voyages is a Travel Agency registered in Switzerland, with representative offices in Cuba. As a travel agency, we aim to developing a real travel to Cuba, showing as much as possible about this island. Our Goal is to make you safe money and time, while having the opportunity to meet and enjoy the nature, beaches, cities, colonial towns, architecture, culture and traditions about Cuba.

We mainly aim to family vacations, friends and corporate groups, specialized activities like scuba diving, fishing, nature tours, and cultural tourism for individuals and groups as well.

It is our goal to set all kind of facilities for our clients before arrival, so they can travel to Cuba with the basic services booked in advanced: hotel accommodation, transfers, breakfasts, and lunches during excursions and guided tours to the main and most interesting spots within cuban destinations.


About Us

We published Cuba Tech Travel Web Site, with its own Internet Booking Engine, structured in the way the Cuban Provider works and developed according the standards accepted in the Cuban Market. We also develop and provide tour software for integral management to travel agency.

About US

About US

Our staff is composed by young specialists with vast experience on designing and running travel plans and vacation packages for people interested in knowing Cuba. We have as well worked with important partners abroad dealing with incentive and corporate groups.

All our providers are main Local Destination Management Companies, from whom we hire the required services such as transportation, tours, excursions, air tickets and hotel accommodation, we have signed legal contracts with all hotels chains established in the Caribbean destinations, both locals and foreign.

Let us know you to set your travel package! Plan your vacations with us!

We have representative offices in Miramar Trade Center.

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Office in Switzerland

Address: 14 rue Rousseau, CH 1201 Geneve. Phone: (+41) 22 715 04 40

Address Cuba Rep. Office

Address: Miramar Trade Center, Havana. Phone: (+53) 52730862

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